A2D2 Stream is able to integrate with Amazon Alexa, however it's a little more involved than with other platforms.

This is due to the way Amazon Alexa handles incoming audio and until Jeff Bezos answers our calls this is the best way to get A2D2 Stream working with your Alexa system. 

  • First ask Alexa to 'Open Radio Browser'
  • Alexa will speak a password, so make note of that
  • Visit this website and enter the password Alexa gives you. This links your Alexa account to the Radio Browser service
  • At the radio browser website, input the address given to you by the A2D2 App in the 'Amazon Alexa' section in the custom station list
  • Give it a name that's easy to pronounce, such as 'record player', and hit 'save'
  • Ask Alexa to 'open radio browser and play record player'

This requires an active internet connection. And we must give a big thanks to Michael, who created this wonderful skill.