We have a schedule of new releases for A2D2 Stream, adding new features and correcting any software issues we discover.

Updating A2D2 Stream is really easy. Just visit the update page of your device using a PC or Mac.

If you're on a Mac, you can visit http://a2d2.local:8080 if you kept the device name as its default. If you named the device something else, for example 'turntable', then you'd visit http://turntable.local:8080

If you're on a PC, you'll need the IP address of your A2D2. This should be shown in the 'settings' tab of the A2D2 interface. For example, if the IP address shown is 

If you can't see your IP address, then download an app called 'Fing' from the Apple or Google app stores, and it will tell you all the network devices on your home network. 

Download the latest software release from this portal, and then upload it to the field shown on the screen. 

Hit 'Update' and then wait for the new release to install. It's really important to ensure that A2D2 Stream doesn't lose power during this process. 

Once the new software has been installed, A2D2 Stream will restart. Once the blue light stops illuminating, your software is up to date.