A2D2 Stream is designed to work with most analogue audio equipment

A2D2 Stream has 2 RCA (or Phono this side of the pond!) connectors for line level input. This means you can plug any audio device into it that has an analogue connection. This means Record Players (with an important caveat, see below!), CD Players, Tape Players, iPods, or anything with a headphone socket or Phono/RCA outputs. Even these.

So what about record players then?

We think most people will use their A2D2 Streams with record players. And we encourage that. We spend enough time (and money!) on Discogs ourselves. 

A2D2 Stream is compatible with record players, but only those with a line-level output - which we'd say covers the majority at the entry-level to the mid-range. For those turntables that don't have a line-level output - the telltale sign here is that there will be a ground/earth wire attached to it somewhere, you'll need a Phono Pre-Amp. 

This does two jobs:

  • Boosts the level of the signal to line-level
  • Applies the RIAA curve - designed around 1954 as the de facto standard to improve the sound quality of; and permit longer recording times with less groove damage to records (Thanks Wikipedia!)

Without a line-level signal, A2D2 stream will work but you won't like how it sounds. All highs, no lows... 

If you're in the UK, something like this will do a good job for a low price. If you see this and think, that's not a lot of money then you likely know a thing or two about Hi-Fi already and can shop around to find the pre-amp that suits your existing system. 

If you want to retain your existing amplifier and speakers, great! At home, I have an amplifier as my main system and various smart speakers dotted around, so I connect my turntable to the input of A2D2 Stream and then use the output of A2D2 Stream to pass the signal into my amplifier. 

Another option if you already have an amplifier is to use the pre-out, tape-out, or record-out connections on the rear. That way, whatever source you have selected can be beamed to the smart speakers around your house.