We thought we'd give a little insight into supported format rates and related audio-related information. 

A2D2 Stream has a really good ADC (Analogue to Digital Converter). It's the same chip as used in lots of high-end consumer audio products. 

Here's what we're sending to the various speaker ecosystems we support. For various reasons such as network speed or high traffic, audio may be transcoded by the various APIs used to send audio to suit the network conditions in order to maintain playback continuity. 

ProtocolSample Rate (Hz)BitsBit Rate
Amazon Alexa48,000Hz16320kbpsMP3
Denon Heos*96,000Hz24-FLAC

*HEOS V1 is 48Khz 16 bit

These are set for a balance of quality and where possible, the highest possible quality streams are sent. Where we drop below 96k, is where we hit the limits of the supported hardware.