Welcome to A2D2!

This article will have you set up in no time. 

Plug A2D2 Stream in using the USB-C power connector. Power it from another piece of Hi-Fi equipment with a USB port, or a spare phone charger, or anything with a USB socket that can support 5V 1A. 

When A2D2 Stream is booting up, the blue LED flashes. When the blue LED stops flashing and only the green is illuminated, the device will then generate a Wi-Fi network. This will be called A2D2-XXXX (XXXX is unique per device).


Use a phone, PC, Mac or anything with a web browser to join that WiFi network, password 123456789


When successfully connected, visit on a browser. Apple devices might complain there’s no internet connection but that can be ignored. 


When the interface loads, it’ll ask for your home WiFi network details. Enter the name of the network you'd like to join A2D2 Stream to and then enter the password for that WiFi network. Finally, hit connect. 


The device will check the network name and password is correct and restart, so wait for the A2D2-XXXX network to re-appear. This can take around 20-30 seconds. 


Re-join the A2D2-XXXX network and the device will prompt you to finish setup. The device has now verified the WiFi network it is joining is correct, has stored the details securely and will then reboot a final time. 


When the blue LED stops flashing the device is ready to go, so visit http://a2d2.local to see the interface and start interacting with your smart speaker network. 


This setup process only needs repeating if you move to a different location with a different WiFi network. To do this, hold down the button on the front of A2D2 Stream for 5 seconds. A2D2 will then reboot, which can take around 30 seconds. Follow the steps above to join a new wireless network.